Vintage Valentine Table:

Creating the Setting with Your Sweeties

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January 30, 2022
Emily Deyo

Emily has faithfully led Entrusted with a Child’s Heart multiple times. Her heart for discipleship and authenticity is inspiring. When we found out her design abilities were top-notch too, we had to ask her to share some tricks. Our hope is that you are moved to blend something you own with a newfound deal, and lots of love to show your family how much you care!

Hearts in red and pink, ribbon of a crocheted crème color, and vintage Valentines were strewn about the table. Tiny, excited hands were eager to work alongside mom. These are the childhood minutes of time that turn to hours and form traditions that we repeat year after year. The traditions that turn every corner of our hearts toward home long after we’ve grown into adults. Do tables filled with red and pink hearts really matter? This is what I’ve come to know: in time the pink gingham hearts fade, but the investment of time in our families is something that never fades. In Proverbs 14:1 we are told that a wise woman builds her house. Showing us there is wisdom in the work of building. Building into our families takes God, time, and intentionality. My prayer for you, dear reader, is that as you build your families and traditions you take time to find the beauty in everyday moments. 

This vintage Valentine table was created on a budget, and with materials that are easy to find.


Natural elements are always one of my very favorite items to incorporate in any tablescape. This time the natural element was a small tree branch that was snipped down to size and put into a basket I already had at home.  A basket with a handle is recommend so you can lean and stabilize the branches.

Once the tree branches were placed it was time to decorate them. This is the fun part!! To decorate we used:

  • Hearts we found at the craft store
  • Wooden beads on a strand found in the ribbon section
  • Digital vintage valentine printables

There are SO MANY inexpensive printables you can find on Etsy. We had the Valentine cards printed on cardstock at our local print shop. We cut each one out and hot glued loops with ribbon to hang on each branch.

Place setting

To anchor each place setting we used scrapbooking paper in place of traditional placemats. This gives you a wide variety to select from, and it’s a fun way to get your kids involved. Bonus-it’s really easy clean up!

Personalizing each place setting

Each setting got its own personal Valentine from mom with a message on the back. You can be creative with this! I used vintage thread spools and hot glued alligator clips to hold each Valentine. You could use really anything to clip your Valentine. Be creative and make it your own.

Choosing plates

Vintage dishes, can you really have too many? One of the best places to start your plate collection is at your local thrift store, and it doesn’t break the bank. You might be surprised at what you find!

So many sweet memories are made around the table. Make your table a place full of good food, meaningful conversation, and beauty. Beauty created by you, for them. 

Happy Valentines Day! Have fun making it special.


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